Jason Dale Woodward

Here I Go Again...

No, I’m not quoting Whitesnake. I’m launching a new personal website. Again.

Right now it isn’t much. A brief current bio, some links to what I’m trying to learn right now, and the usual collection of references to my social media presences. Pretty typical faire. I’ve built this site a little bit differently than is typical these days (wordpress), though, because I’ve been itching to have a platform upon which to try out new-ish things like FOAF, git-backed site hosting, graph-based content management like structr and other topics. My Google Sites-based site was pretty easy to edit but didn’t allow nearly that much flexibility.

Concurrently, I’m launching a new personal identity. I believe my jdwcornell identity, which I assumed when moving back to Ithaca in 2002, no longer adequately represents me. It has served me well. I hope to always be a proud alumnus of Cornell University.

I hereby stake a claim to woodwardjd. I would have preferred something like jasonwoodward or jwoodward. But, there are a lot of Jason Woodwards out there, including a real estate professional, a professor of plant pathology, a convicted drug smuggler, a convicted attempted murderer and even a long-time Free software contributor. I can’t wait until something like FOAF helps more easily disambiguate us.

Most of my major social presences have been updated, with pointers back to jdwcornell where possible. The web sites on the domains jwoodward.com and jdwcornell.com will be pointed to woodwardjd.com, though jason@jwoodward.com will be retained as my primary email for the foreseeable future.

Consider this a work-in-progress, sans the 90s “under construction” gif.